Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Hot Gossip - Eve of War

Here's a classic Hot Gossip routine from The Kenny Everett Video Show. posted by Glenn Marshall (AKA SuPaLu). The music is Eve of War from Jeff Wayne's "War of the Worlds" concept album.

Concept Album: oh yes. If you're my age (about one twentieth of a millennium) or older, these word evoke the smells of patchouli oil, dry ice, sweaty red-brick student union bars.

Hot Gossip routines had two recurring themes: pervy (suspenders & mock aggro) and science-fiction (silver lame, metallic body paint). This one is definitely on the SF side, and includes the elbows-up wiggly marching step they perfected in their Starship Trooper routine.

Thanks to SuPaLu for the post.

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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Legs & Co - Gone Gone Gone - improved

Another upgrade performance from last Thursday's BB$ Top of the Pops routine. Here, Johnny Mathis sings Gone Gone Gone with an accompanying solo dance from Legs & Co's Gill.

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Monday, 28 July 2014

Legs & Co. - Lost in Music - upgrade

This week's classic Top of the Pops repeat on BBC4 featured one of my favourite Legs & Co. Routines, dancing to Sister Sledge's Lost in Music. Which gives me the chance to post this upgraded version.

Some fine choreography, illustrating the song nicely, developing the single line "caught in a trap" into a set design with a cage theme. The shakiness of the bars of these cages, particularly Lulu's is unfortunately obvious: I'm guessing they're wooden dowels covered in metallic paint. It's easy to make cheap jibes about shaky sets, but I can't see what alternatives the resourceful designers would have had here. Real Iron bars are the only material that wouldn't shake so obviously here: which would involve a couple of blacksmiths, a couple of weeks to build the set, and a huge increase in cost. Week-to-week shows like TOTP just don't have those luxuries. So shaky dowelling it had to be. Luckily our dancers had the aplomb to convincingly pull the performance off.

Thanks to Lee Nichols for the YouTube post

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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Top of the Pops Playback: Top Ten Pan's People Routines

Following up my post last week of the Top of the Pops Playback interview with members of Legs & Co, here, from the same broadcast is another treat: Shaun Tilley interviews Babs Lord, Ruth Pearson and Dee Dee Wilde from Pan's People as they pick their Top 10 favourite TOTP dance routines. It's another fascinating hour of gossip, chat, memories and laughter. Frokm 4th May 2014

Once again, I'm embedding Andeebee's post of the whole show from his dailymotion One for the Dads channel.

Frustratingly, I do not have video of all of the performances that they discuss on this blog. But here are seven that I do have of the ten, plus Sean's personal favourite.

Once again Shaun played the Top Ten performances in reverse, i.e. countdown mode:

If anyone out there can help me find these missing performances to post, I'd be undyingly grateful. Listen on Dailymotion - thanks again to Andeebee Listen & download on Soundcloud: Download from mediafire 53 MB (password: ymg@oftd)

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Pan's People - Singalong Junk - less junky

Here's the last of the upgraded versions of Pan's People performances from The Two Ronnies Show. This time it's a laid-back, gentle dance to Paul McCartney's laid-back, gentle Singalong Junk.

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Friday, 25 July 2014

Top of the Pops Playback: Top Ten Legs & Co. Routines

Here's a radio programme I've been meaning to post for months: on Sunday 4th May 2014, Sue, Lulu, Rosie and Pauline were guests on the last ever Top of the Pops Playback, hosted by Shaun Tilley, discussing their favourite TOTP dance routines. It's a delightfully chatty hour of reminisces, with plenty of laughter, and even a new anecdote or two.

My thanks to Andeebee, who's posted the whole show on the One For The Dads dailymotion channel, making it simple for me to embed it here.

All the performances are available to watch on the blog: Shaun plays them in classic pick-of-the-pops countdown reverse order:

On that same May 4th show there was a similar Pan's People Top Ten discussion, featuring Ruth , Babs and Dee Dee: I'll be posted that soon. Look out for it...

Listen on Dailymotion Thanks ADB!

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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Legs & Co. - September Upgrade

Continuing my catch-up, here's another BBC 4 TOTP re-broadcast that allows me to post a better-quality version off a previously posted routine. This time, the music is Earth Wind & Fire's September, there's a wind machine in the studio, perhaps to suggest that blustery month, and the dresses are, as Mike Read says at the end, "lovely".

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