Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Legs & Co. - Strut Your Funky Stuff once more

Some of the more outré interpretations of quantum mechanics posit the existence of countless universes parallel to our own, each spawned whenever any decision forces the uncertainness of a quantum system to collapse into mundane reality. Let's imagine one of those worlds: a yewtree-less world, where deejays are all pillars of society. Look, I can open a portal to that other world, on one Thursday night around now, around 7.45 pm. What's on BBC4?

It's Legs & Co., dancing to Frantique's "Strut Your Funky Stuff" on Top of the Pops. From 13 September 1979.

There's nothing earth-shaking here: just a lot of fine dancing to a great example of a disco record from the period. Such a shame we must be denied it in our wretched universe.

Watch this clip on telly.com

Looks like SuPaLu has got the same pan-dimensional skills as me: youtube

My previous portal to a similar (if slightly less sharp) dimension, opened by PattiforPM, is still open.

Update: My telly.com embedded clip was working fine when I posted this earlier today: no it seems to be having problems. While I'm trying to sort it out, here's SuPaLu's youtube version:

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Dougie Squire's Second Generation - I Wanna Dance

Here's another pre-Legs & Co. appearance from Patti, as a member of Dougie Squire's Second Generation. More actual dancing going on than in the previous SG post.

The Song is called "I Wanna Dance", a fairly nondescript title which has hampered my attempts to find out anything more about it. Original Seeker Judith Durham seems to have sung it more than once. It's gone the feel of a number from a stage musical, I suppose: but I haven't been able to identify the composer(s).

Second Generation seems to have been founded by Dougie when he lost control of his previous song & dance project, The Young Generation: both troupes seem to be a response from within the Light Entertainemnt showbiz industry to the hippy invasion of broadway with shows like Hair and Godspell. Thus we get gender-mixed ensemble groups both dancing and singing. And always one token beardie guy. For Hippy kudos points perhaps?

Thanks again to Ryan for spotting this on Youtube.

Download from Mediafire 25.2 MB (password: ymg@oftd)

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Pan's People - Love's Theme restored

This routine, Pan's people dancing to Love's Theme by The Love Unlimited Orchestra, is already available in two incomplete versions: the full routine in grainy black & white, or a 35 second snippet in colour, with a "BBC Colour" station ident over the bottom half of the picture. I've posted them both here. I'm sure I'm not alone in occasionally wondering if they could in some way be collaged together. But it's one thing to idly wonder, and quite another to take the time and trouble to do it. Wonder no more: Ed Lopez has done it. And there's a bit of recolouring of backgrounds here too

True, the editing a little rough around the edges: but the source material was hardly ideal: and this is not about clever video editing techniques: it's about celebrating Ed's enthusiasm and appreciation for Pan's People.

Update: Whoops! broken embedded video fixed.

I've seen screen grabs from a complete colour version of the routine (though image quality is not great) so we can hope that a full colour version of the routine might become available for us on this blog someday. But meanwhile, at least we have this version. Thanks to Ed Lopez for sharing his efforts.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Dougie Squires Second Generation - Day by Day

I've highlighted Patti's pre-Ruby Flipper work with Dougie Squires Second Generation in previous posts. Recently Ryan has tracked down a couple more. Second Generation's "unique selling point" was that they were both accomplished dancers and singers, and this performance is much more about the song (Day by Day from Godspell) than the dancing.

Thanks to Ryan for unearthing this treasure. If anyone wants a downloadble version of the clip, let me know.

Update: Mediafire download link (password: ymg@oftd)

Cherry Gillespie - Salamander

Here's a performance discovered by (Forum regular) BeautifulBabs: Cherry Gillespie dancing on Jethro Tull's 1976 London Weekend TV Special, Too Old To Rock 'n' Roll Too Young To Die, to Tull's Salamander. BeautifulBabs discovered the entire show on YouTube (you can watch it here).

Picture quality is acceptable, if not great. As too the choreography, I doubt Cherry's been given any instruction except "interpret the music".Many thanks to BB for this rare interesting find.

Watch on telly.com |download from mediafire 19 MB (password: ymg@oftd)

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Legs & Co. - Ai No Corrida (complete)

On the occasion of Sue Menhenick's birthday, here's a present for us all from my generous contributor Pans Legs. While we've had a version of the is performance on the site before, this is both longer, and much higher quality.

Pans Legs also sent this message:

Hot Gossip are often referred to as a raunchy dance troupe, which some feel made Pan's People and Legs & Co. look tame. Obviously an unfair comparison as the troupes fulfilled different roles and Hot Gossip never had the likes of Bridget The Midget or The Smurf Song thrust upon them! To this viewer, Gossip's raunchiness felt forced and ultimately tedious... The difference with the Top of The Pops dance troupes is that when they were afforded the rare opportunity to turn up the heat, it was with an ease and the result retained both style and class. Did that make it any less effective? Dear me no! Here is a fine example, most probably deemed too raunchy to show in its complete form at the time on a very different show to the anything-goes, zany world of "The Kenny Everett Video Cassette". Cut short to two thirds its original length, here the full length version includes a brief reminder at the end of just how much hard work went into these performances. Thank you and Happy Birthday Sue!

I can add my own Happy Birthday wishes to Sue, and my thanks to Pans Legs for this rare treat.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Pan's People - Spanish Eyes

Tomorrow, Monday 25 August 2014, it will be exactly two years since we lost Louise Clarke of Pan's People. To mark this melancholy anniversary, I've been sent this rare and beautiful piece by one of my generous anonymous donors.

Pan's People, featuring Louise, dancing to Al Martino's Spanish Eyes, on Top of the Pops, 20th July 1973. I assume the original broadcast was in colour, but I'm grateful to have this monochrome version to show.

A lovely performances: or in fact two lovely performances mixed together: the demure, sedate dance in the big flowing, flouncy, flowery frocks contrasting nicely with the Busby-Berkeley-esque birds-eye view kaleidoscope choreography.

A fitting tribute to Louise: my thanks to the anonymous contributor.

No download link by request.